Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Plastic in the Nineties

Facets of the Kara Diamond
Episode: The Toys of '96

This is my favourite action figure. I don't really have to explain why, do I? Storm rules. If I was a Bodysnatcher I'd snatch hers. Her only flaw was that her feet were twice the size of her head for some reason.. still hot though.

And THIS! Was my favourite one to play with! Not sure what exactly this dude did on the Seaquest DSV (due to not noticing anything in it that wasn't Jonathan Brandis preee-owhowhow).

In my world though he was Hank. He lived in a cave and invented weapons for my siblings' toys to use against each other. Look at this sauve mother fucker. Sweet leather coat, suspenders, rockin' metal boots, round glasses, a fucking HARPOON *AND* a monkey butler. My dream man.

And these were my favourite toys that weren't for playing. Fox "The Fox" Mulder and Dana "Because They Came In A Set" Scully. NO TOUCHING! They just posed on my stereo and looked cool while I threw down my shit to Dance Mix 95'.

So what the hell was your favourite then, plumpants?

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