Friday, January 16, 2009

Back like Jamaican Bacon!

Hi. Hi there. Hello. o. o. o.

Remember me? Kara? La la la? Etc?

Yeah, it's me. Perhaps you had given up hope, or hoped I had given up, but I have returned to you, Blog o'mine!

It's a beautiful day!

Actually it's not, its -31 fucking degrees out and Im sitting here faced with the very real possibility of having to deal with going out into that bright, loud, frozen urban hell. All I own is t-shirts. So I've put my warmest one on, anyway. It has a rocket ship on it and a bit of fire graphics happening down around the upper naval area so that is pretty toasty. Gahhhh

So yeah, I guess I should address the fact that Ive fucked off for oh about, two months? Well I won't because I dont have to explain myself to you peasents.

Things I have learned in the last couple of months.
  • How do say "hello" "goodbye" and "6" in Tamil.
  • That Mexico is quickly becoming the most dangerous part of the Caribbean.
  • Barfing noodle soup out your nose hurts like a motherbitch.
  • Exercise is hard, eating cake is much easier.
  • Drinking beer before class is great.
  • I'm very good at beating large blocks of frozen butter into flat disks with a large tube of wood. So if you ever need your butter beaten, je suis votre fille!
  • Don't eat lobster brains, the black dots will make you very sick.
  • It is very hard to imagine reality as a series of one dimensional oscillating lines without getting paranoid and reading celebrity gossip websites to calm down and refocus. Lilly Allen has a third nipple OMG!
  • I'm 24 now! Thats new!
So that about brings you up to speed!

Here is a song that is nice and relevant to the time being.

Hands in Pockets - Laura Gibson

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