Thursday, February 5, 2009

Get off the set!


Ha haaaa hilarious.

Today while I was waiting at an intersection a man ran out of a coffee shop to shake my hand and ask me how much I paid for my bicycle. I felt a certain amount of chargin at the probability that answering this question would lead to the theft of my bike. For a moment I was absolutely certain I was going to have to stab this toothless cunt right there in the street and ruin my day. I've never stabbed a dude before. Instead I just shook his hand and said "A fair penny, sir!" and rode off in the opposite direction I wanted to go. As fast as I could.

Yellow Fever - Hellfire
Blockhead - Cheer Up You're Not Dead
The Cansecos - Raised By Wolves
Destroyer - Foam Hands
Antony and the Johnsons - Twilight

My dietary habits today:

Breakfast: coffee and a brownie
Lunch: pint of beer
Dinner: fuzzy peaches, salt and vinegar chips and a Lindt chocolate bar

Oy veh.

The lindt chocolate bar and fuzzy peaches were a present from my excellent brother who also gifted me a set of salt and pepper shakers. He said he thought I would like them because they are very very small, and chubby. He was so right.


Anonymous said...

Good idea leaving something random instead of hinting at cheap or expensive :P And doubly so on speeding off ASAP.

Lindt is love :) My grandparents give me some all the time because it's Swiss chocolate and it's amazing :D

Kara said...

I pretty much inhaled the Lindt chocolate bar. Gormmumumum. Are your grandparents Swiss??

Anonymous said...

Yes (on my mom's side) they even bitch at me in Swiss German :P That's actually the only German I know, is like "Stop sitting a kilometre from the table" and "Don't be such a pig" and "Watch what you're doing so you don't knock stuff over" :P