Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hourly Comic Day!

A comic for every hour of today

for Hourly Comic Day 2009.

Every hour except 11pm, cause I'm sleepy, damn it.


Also you can see other people's hourly comics here.

7am: rude awakening...

8am: water rituals

9am: breakfast with the usual suspects;
Cory and the fine gents at Johnny G's

10am: cupcake expedition
(this was actually my homework, to eat cake)
* Editors Note: Cory's Scarf is triangular, not rectangular.
I have been informed he has never and will never wear
a rectangular scarf. What a freaking fashionista.

11am: Operation Cupcake Munch

12pm: napping, whispering sweet pizza themed nothings
1pm: watching episode two of the Fringe and
being confused by its non science.
Apparently only one arm of my sweater is white.

2pm: eating clementines in the park on my way home
3pm: crackers for lunch with my kitchen pigeon

4pm: tracing over pencil comics with dark markers
5pm: surfing the world wide web on the internet
6pm: eating some marshmallows I found
7pm: Tom Cruise is batshit crazy
8pm: sippin' orange pekoe in my peacock mug
9pm: snarfing Ocean Spray™ cranberries and
discovering mystery wound

10pm: soup is good food


Wendy77 said...

WOW! Kara those are so cute!! I like how in the beginning each hour was a four-panel thing and then you got lazy and crammed 6 into 1. Very slick. Anyway you should do more of these!

Kara said...

Its too much work, d00d

Fun though