Thursday, May 28, 2009


Tiny Vannnnn!

I'm going to make my millions by writing a diet plan book where people cleanse their body by eating only water and ice. The concept is based on the idea that just as mother earth finds renewal in a good old fashioned Ice Age, s
o should her children i.e us. This is a cheap, effective way to detoxify and shed numerous unwanted pounds. It also has that golden eco-chic factor in that it mentions the earth. It will be called "Thin Ice" and peole will walk around saying "no thanks, I'm on Thin Ice" LOLLLLLL. Give me money now.

Lastly, it has the upside that everyone who buys this book will either a) succeed and die, or b) fail and feel like a big fat failure while I spend their money on Ritter Sport chocolate bars.

I have not written a blog in quite some time because frankly Im too busy to be burdened with having thoughts and reactions to things in my daily life. Actually scratch that, I'm too lazy. But you will be happy to know that in the last month I have...

Completed school! I am now a baker!

Hoots and hollers.

It's all very exciting. Especially for my hands, which now spend the same amount of time on fire as not on fire. I have this sweet blister on my pinky that looked like an obese garden slug when it first rose up. Creme Caramel is as dangerous as it is delicious. Here is a picture of some dough growing up big and strong on my nice warm window sill. This was a week or two ago though. My windowsill today is too cold and grey and wet for dough babies to sleep on.

Goodnight now!

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