Friday, June 26, 2009

Farm Trip!

I have a buttload of blog drafts here, just going through them. Mostly they are just random thoughts and songs I felt like sharing at the time. However this one was going to be about this amazing trip I took with a bunch of George Brown folks. We went up to Grey County and had a wicked day taking in a huge farmers market and cattle auction (Keady Farmers Market), a grassroots grain company, an organic diary and a cute 100 mile market.

We enjoyed a completely 100 mile lunch buffet at Rocky Racoon Cafe in Owen Sound. That was really excellent. The Nepalese chef was all in red, smiling and passionate, eager to talk to us about how his restaurant works with local people and farmers to bring a new menu every day. The buffet had mainly curries and fresh local fish and veg. The walls were dark purple and covered in hundreds and hundreds of sets of salt and pepper shakers.

At the 100 mile market I bought a pack of 12 eggs in different hues ranging from molasses brown to toothpaste green and periwinkle blue. Apparently they are from chickens that belong to a dentist in the area who also grows lavendar after her great aunt. Lovely. I also bought an elk pepperoni stick, and a 10 pound sack of Red Fife Flour.

The organic diary was most interesting to me. Run by two german families, it was the cleanest farm I have ever been on in my life, not a speck of dirt, even the cows looked polished and dapper. I saw a baby cow coming right out of his mom, in a nice gooey sac. She looked mildly unnerved haha. Also, I was licked by a baby cow, a Bernese Mountain dog named Sam, and a small pregant cat. Very inspiring day.

Here's a wee article and clip from the trip if you're interested. Mostly I'm just writing this down for posterity.

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