Friday, June 12, 2009

Prune Bum

Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks

Grizzly Bear vs. Dead Prez - Two Weeks of Hip Hop

I love Sundays.

So, I woke up to piles of dishes. Literally stacks of stacks, encrusted with week old butter cream sludge. It was a severe situation. I got the fuck out of there.

And went swimmmingggggg! Wrinkled myself up right and pruney, then sauna'd my brains out of my skull into a puddle beneath my wrinkly ass. It was lovely.

I then skipped my prune-bum off to the boyfriends and despite much thunder and lightening and distraction of all sorts managed to somehow convince him to let me buy him some breakfast. Also, as a side note, he got mace in his face last night. Hilarious.

Then it was breakfast, a pitcher of Amsterdam on a rooftop patio in the sunlight, followed by naps and horror movies.

Now I am home. There's groceries in the fridge, and I am happy. The apartment is still covered in dishes but I have neglected them for 5 days, whats another 12 hours or so? My plan for the rest of the evening is to eat chocolate and watch Kate Winslet movies while Cory is off at his friends playing videogames and eating BBQ chicken. We are grownups.

P.S: That Grizzly Bear track is exactly Tears for Fears


Victor Hoyt said...

Struwwelpeter... Gawd! It's now politically correct to think of this book as horrific. I am nothing like PC, but I can tell you that as an eight year old, in 1965, Struwwelpeter was indeed horrifying. I still get little shivers thinking about it.

I showed it to my kiddos (now 26,24,19) and they laughed. :-). Sigh. Life is good.

Kara said...

I had no clue this was from a story book! I just came across it while googling random nonsense words and it gave me the creeps. Reading the description of the book makes me want to track down a copy now though. Very, strange.