Monday, November 23, 2009

Crackity Bones

Once again I have broken myself. Ive spent the majority of the last few days laying flat on the floor, my blood flowing with cheap muscle relaxants trying to calm the lightning ricocheting through my insides. Last night I managed to get into just the right position for C-Word to yank my hip bone back into place with an audible pop and a crunch. Such sweet relief. And tonight Im going back to the gym for some more torture. Wish me luck, jerkbags!

Love, Kara

The Pixies - Crackity Jones

The Pain - Oh No

Aesop Rock - Bent Life

The Big Pink - Dominoes

Imelda May - Big Bad Handsome Man


yemj said...

eugh. hip popping is the WORST. it's so uncomfortable and so troublesome to get it in the right position to pop back into place.

what gym do you go to?

yemj said...

p.s. where's this supposed link you're talking about to make my music stuff look like yours?? i'm so confused!!!

yemj said...

ok ok i think i have the link thing figured out but now how do i get it so all my music doesn't start playing all at once??

Kara said...

oH Yeeeahhhhh. In the html code, there's a bit at the end that says "autostart=yes" just change the yes to a no. Also you can delete the text at the end that is a link to the website to make it look nicer.

Kara said...

And you can also delete that stupid bar graph afterwards too.. its a pain in the ass but its the only music player thing Ive found so far. Also I go to Ryersons gym, but right now Im doing a "body bootcamp" thing. Im so sore. PLACK!

yemj said...

THANK YOUUUU! you super rock.

whoah body bootcamp sounds intense! i would probably die. are you seeing results though?

david said...

Wank !

yemj said...

more blog.