Friday, November 6, 2009

Pizza Hat


Good evening all my friends. Tonight Im coming to you from C-Bags sparkling clean apartment in the ghetto. We have spent the better part of the day scrubbing our asses off and now while he whiles away the time at work Im having extremely high temperature showers alternating with mint chocolate munching. Pleasant. Also I'm wearing no pants AND downloading a brand new episode of my precious Supernatural. This is my ideal state of being.

Speaking of supernatural, everyones favourite monochromatic monarchs were in town this week. Prince "I Want To Be Your Tampon" Charles and his brother Camilla were trotting around cutting ribbons and collecting soapstone carvings, various forms of maple syrup and framed prints of historic landmarks. We Canadians give the most shitpoor gifts. BUT GUESS whose logo was printed on their feedbag? That's right, good ol D&D. I can totally say that I fed a prince. Wish he'd brought along Harry though. That ginger crotch'ed miscreant looks like he'd be a good time.

Not much else life stuff to report on. Mostly I'm in a state of disbelief that it's bloody November already. Its such a sneaky little bastard. One minute you're a slutty mermaid zombie drunkenly smearing your face on some half assed Batman and the next minute life is grey, somber and fucking freezing. I miss October.. come back to me, Octu-bray.

Well I was just wasting twenty minutes while my Boys finished downloading. I shall be leaving y'all now, for a better place. A place inhabited by a hot blonde in blue jeans with devil may care attitude. Le Sigh.

Because I'm awesome, I'll leave you with this...


yemj said...

i laughed REALLY hard at "Prince 'I Want To Be Your Tampon' Charles and his brother Camilla". so loud that i had to cover my mouth because i'm babysitting and i would have woken the children up.

also, what's D&D? dungeons and dragons?

Kara said...

Ha. You should have woken up the children, god knows what disgusting things they were dreaming about. D&D unfortunately just stands for Daniel et Daniel, my place of work. I wish I worked in a Dungeon with a Dragon though. Or for a dragon. Or ON A DRAGON. Ha.

yemj said...

more blog please :)